E-Learning website

E-learning portal

One of UCM policies is to use technology as one of the pillars of our educational system, to help raise the quality of teaching, and the e-learning website has proven very successful so far, with levels of engagement far better than expectations and serving as a portal for our education and social interaction with students.

Goals of the E-learning website

  • Goals of the E-learning website Increasing student engagement in the learning process by encouraging interactivity, team based and self-directed learning and student production of learning materials.
  • Supporting staff in their effective adoption and utilization of new e-learning techniques through training and advice.
  • Helping to embed learning materials into clearly defined areas of the curriculum by integrating them into core curriculum objectives.
  • Improving the process of self-assessment and feedback by the use of computer aided assessment tools for both formative and summative assessment.
  •  Establishing a Meta data system for digital describing and indexing learning objects, multimedia and computer aided assessment questions.
  •  Creating a managed learning environment which will provide access to learning resources for undergraduates and staff both on and off campus.
  •  Developing a password protected extra-net which will provide access to lifelong learning resources for all graduates of the Unaizah College of Medicine.
  •  Increasing access to lifelong learning through the greater provision of distance learning modules, primarily through the World Wide Web.
  • Consolidating and extending the college’s position as a leading provider of continuing professional development and lifelong learning materials.
  • Establish a surveying system that evaluates courses, staff, strategies and provides feedback about all college activities, this feedback will enable students to share their opinions.
  • Develop a multimedia station where video recording and audio lectures as well as key events will be recorded, and distributed as video on demand to students, these recordings will be available to as streamed media in real time and on demand.
  • Make use of computer based testing in improving assessment and taking the assessment one step further where multimedia is incorporated in the assessment, moreover, new types of assessments will be used to help leverage the assessment process.