Academic Advising

Early identification of problems begins with: pre-matriculation performance, self-assessment academic evaluations, optional diagnostic testing, frequent course testing, and observations by faculty and staff.

Vice dean for Academic Affairs monitor student performance on all tests throughout the academic year and, as needed, initiate discussions with at risk students, course directors, academic advisors and, the support personnel.

Students may also contact the academic advisory unite for guidance and to discuss school policies, including policies governing dropping a course, academic probation, dismissal, or withdrawal.

An outstanding tutoring program in the basic science years is provided to assist at-risk and struggling students with review of material and application of information. Tutors are medical students in the MD2, MD3 and MD4 years, hired as staff members. Tutors work closely with Course Directors and faculty members to provide at-risk and struggling students with accurate and relevant information. Group sessions are held on a weekly basis throughout the school year.