Information for exam takers

Important Information about Examinations at Unaizah College of Medicine:

1. Preparing and planning for the examinations comprehensively and sufficiently beforehand is crucial. Regrettably, many students are content with studying shortly before the examinations. This practice does not suffice for the PYP curricula, which are comprehensive and focus on the skills of a student.

2. All students sit for unified, multiple choice examinations as used for most courses. They are machine-marked later.

3. During mid-term and final examinations, one course is tested a day. There could be some days-off during the finals according to the period of time set for examinations. Furthermore, classes are halted during the midterms in order to allow the students to concentrate and study.

4. The material tested in each examination is announced on the website.

5. The dates and times of examinations are announced on the notice boards of the website. Students should follow them up accurately.

6. A student is strictly forbidden from sitting for an examination if he/ she does not have his/her university ID to prove his/her identity.

7. Using scientific calculators is strictly forbidden in the Mathematics examination and others.

8. Every examination usually consists of four versions.

9. Cell-phones are not allowed inside the examination rooms.

10. Every student should be sure of the examination committee number and location prior to the examinations.

11. The language of instruction and evaluation is English in all courses except for Thinking and Learning Skills.

12. The way students are distributed on examination committees is different from their distribution in classrooms.

13. A student is denied entering the examination room after the examination starts and is not allowed leaving until half an hour passes from the start.

14. A student who cheats, initiates cheating, breaks the rules of the examination, or is undisciplined is dismissed from the examination. He/she is reported to the Students' Discipline Committee to take the suitable action against him/her.

15. A student who does not attend a final examination receives a zero for it. His/her grade for that course is calculated on the basis of his/her semester grade.

16. A student's excuse is accepted if it is compelling, provided that the excuse is presented within one week of its occurrence.

17. The incomplete examination and the recording of its grade are executed within a period not exceeding the end of the following semester.

18. The class work score is evaluated in one of the following ways:

a. At least one written examination, plus part or all of the following: oral and practical examinations, research papers, other class activities.

b. At least two written examination.