Examination Committee

Examination Committee at Unaizah College of Medicine:


Examination committee has been established under the umbrella of Academic Affairs to ensure high standard of quality of conducting examinations at Unaizah College of Medicine as per college policy/guidelines that meet international standards.

The committee is responsible for overseeing and reviewing the formative exams (mock exams, class works) and summative exams (mid-course, end of the course exams) at Unaizah College of Medicine and Applied Medical Sciences. Also the committee will oversee, scheduling of the exam, the reservation of exam halls, assigning exam invigilators along with other complementary tasks and duties.


The committee will:

-          Ensure high Standard of quality of conducting examinations at Unaizah College of Medicine, matching it with the international standards maintained by well-established Medical Colleges in USA.

-          Review all examination papers including the examination papers of Clinical Skills and will ensure that set guidelines have been followed and uniformity has been observed as per college policy.

-          Try their best to ensure that the ultimate objectives of the courses have been achieved.

-          Set various exams in order to assess learning outcomes and whether students have benefited from the courses as expected or not.

-          Evaluate the fairness, validity and reliability of exam items so as to make the necessary improvements and correction.

-          Based on the results of the evaluation of the content of the exams, the committee will give feed-back to the curriculum committee as to how the course materials should be enriched or amended when necessary.