Unaizah College of Medicine

Unaizah College of Medicine (UCM) at Qassim University (QU) in Kingdom of​ ​Saudi Arabia was established in 1432 Hijri (2011 AC) in accordance with the vision​ ​of His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, as a distinguished medical education​ ​center and a necessity for undergraduate medical college in the historically-important city of Unaizah in the Al-Qassim Province.


Together with other Faculties​ ​(Engineering, Science, Pharmacy, and Computer Sciences in Unaizah), UCM is​ ​thought to be a cornerstone for a new university in Unaizah area. UCM objectives are intended to provide medical education that would achieve medical professional​ ​competencies and contributes in applying national and international academic​ ​accreditation and quality assurance in all fields, to train and graduate medical students on a high level of scientific knowledge and on the ability of self-education, analytical thinking, and problem solving, to guide and develop​ ​scientific research to address social responsibilities, to recruit outstanding local, regional, and international faculty members to improve UCM academic standards, to commit to the values of teamwork, mutual respect, and professional performance in achieving targets and to disseminate health awareness and provide distinct health services to the community.

In addition to the MD program, UCM plans to start other educational programs: Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Emergency Medicine, Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy, Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Therapy, Bachelor of Doctor Assistant, Master of Science (M.S.) in Basic and Clinical Disciplines, and Residency Program in various medical specialties.

UCM has already started collaborating with all major hospitals in the Unaizah (King Saud Hospital and others) and close by areas in Al-Qassim Province as well as with other health clinics and institutions. These prospective teaching hospitals and health institutions belongs mostly to the Ministry of Health and the Armed Medical Service. Plans are underway to build a new teaching hospital for UCM.